The count down continues...
I have three more days of work and the boys have eight days left in daycare.

We have a unwelcome friend.
So I told Ethan when we were leaving daycare that we would go home and play in the water. Josh picked up some hamburger patties on his way home. He got home before the boys and I did so he started grilling. It was nice when I pulled up he came out and said that the patties are done. We had dinner then the boys changed into swimsuits. I went to the shed to pull out the baby pool and the other water toys. I noticed there were holes all in the blow up swimming pool and the ends of the sprinkler were all off. That is when I noticed the holes had teeth marks. I am so grossed out right now. I still set up the sprinkler for the boys to run through and got Josh outside. The previous owner was kind enough to leave a punch of cardboard pieces in the shed and we haven't schedule a cardboard pickup because we are only allowed one from the city. So I after we had used the water toys last time I just left them on top of the cardboard.