I guess it really begins.

This morning after dropping Ethan off at school, Preston let me know that he needed to potty. He wouldn't put the pull up back on and asked for big boy underwear. I took in a long deep breath and got the underwear. Preston was super excited. At one point he jumped off the couch and ran to the restroom but he got there a little too late. When it was time to pick up Ethan I didn't trust Preston yet so I put a pull up on over the underwear. When I checked him later the underwear was wet. Thank goodness this isn't my first rodeo and he had the pull up on. Preston stayed dried during his nap. In the afternoon, there was one more accident. I was impressed that he had used the toilet more than had accidents.

After dinner, Josh was letting me have a moment while the boys played outside. After two seconds of being outside they decided they needed toys to play with. The Preston wasn't wanting to go out and just started crying. Then he had another accident. Got that mess cleaned up. Then Ethan fell and scraped his leg. Dried his tears and kissed the boo boo. He was ready to go back out. Then a few second later Preston had another accident. Got that mess all cleaned up and back out the door. Then they were all thirsty and back in getting water. Next thing I knew Josh was back in with Preston for another accident. *sigh* I put Preston back into the pull ups and sent him on his way, but now it was time for baths. So much for my moment.

I don't know why, but in the evenings after Josh arrives home is when the accidents start happening. Ethan did the same thing. I don't know if Josh doesn't read the boys body language and can't tell when the boys need to go potty. Then again I miss it in the evenings as well. It might be the boys are getting tired and aren't listening to their bodies. There would be days that Ethan would do great all day but as soon as Josh was home with in a few minutes there would be an accident to clean up. What killed me with Preston is he has been doing number 2 on the toilet consistently for a while now. Two of the accidents were of that variety when they were in the back yard.

We will see if Preston is interested in big boy underwear again tomorrow.