Party, Party, Party!!!

The baking begins! This weekend is all about getting the holiday cookies ready for Christmas. I have no idea how many cookies we are going to make this year. We actually were making a pretty big dent into the list but had to stop at 4:30 because Josh and I needed to get ready for Josh’s company party.

When we arrived we thought we were over an hour late! However it turns out we were actually a few minutes early because Josh fails at reading invitations. The company was having a photo contest for who ever had the craziest photo. We watched a couple of people try different things. Then Josh noticed a bag and decided wouldn’t it be funny if he put the bag over my head then lifted me over his shoulder. Somehow even without alcohol in my system I went along with the idea. Apparently the judges thought it was zany enough to win; now we have a $25 gift card to Chiles. Plus on Friday they found out that their software won the best for the industry three years in a row. Josh won a $50 gift card to California Pizza and $200 in cash during that celebration. We left a little early so that we could go to a friend’s Christmas party.

We arrived towards the end of the gift exchange. I’m glad that we weren’t a part of because I wasn’t really sure what we walked into. It was great getting to see our old group of friends. One of the people I haven’t seen since before I had kids. I’m not even sure I was pregnant the last time I saw him.

When we were leaving Josh realized that we needed gas. I stopped at the first one we came to. The area we were in is extremely safe. I was shocked to see two police vehicles pulling in too. Josh and I debated about even stopping. I love a good police drama! Turns out someone was getting high in their car right in front of the store. It wasn't very exciting after all. When the guy first opened his window I could see the smoke billowing out from the other side of the parking lot.