First ice skating lesson!

Lesson learned: Strollers make things a whole lot easier.

So the curriculum that I've ordered (that I'm still waiting for) had a sample lesson on line. One of the ideas it had was to pile a bunch of pillows and reenact the poem Jack and Jill. The boys can't seem to get enough of Jack and Jill right now. So I'm very hopeful that the new lesson plans will be more interesting for the boys.

Korri came over today and we just played. It is really nice that I get to see her so frequently now.

After the boys woke up from their nap I had Ethan try on clothes for him to wear for his first skating lesson. There is nothing like trying to hunt down winter clothes when the temperatures are over 90 degrees outside. I found a pair of gloves that I believe that Ethan's great-grandmother gave him awhile ago.  So I had Ethan try them on to see if they fit. The gloves fit and Ethan couldn't be more excited! He was saying look mom I have mittens then he started saying that he had blankets on his hands.

We got to the lessons got Ethan changed in to some sweat bottoms and his gloves on. Then I got him signed in and got his skates. Ethan has never had any type of skates on his feet before. He was just besides himself with excitement about having skates on. Then he tried to stand up and go over to the video games.  I have a video of him going to the video games that I'll post in a little while.

At this point I'm watching the other kids and they are all walking and getting around like they are just in shoes. I was starting to feel like the worst parent in the world. Maybe Ethan just isn't ready to learn to skate yet. Then we went over to his class and it turns out he is the only one in the beginning class. So I didn't feel like the worst parent ever anymore since all the other kids has at least been in the classes for eight weeks if not longer. I was amazed how much he improved in just one class.

Josh mentioned that he told Mark about Ethan having his first class today and invited him and Jen to come watch. It turns out that Mark didn't mention it to Jen right away so by the time they got to the rink the class was over but we decided that we would have dinner together. Ethan was extremely hyper after his class so we hurried up and finished. We weren't able to visit very much during dinner so, Mark and Jen came over. Ethan showed off his baseball skills. Then a rabbit showed up in the yard so the boys played chase the rabbit. Then we all came inside and put the boys to bed. Ethan didn't want to sleep so he fussed for a while but he did finally go to sleep. Then Jen got to updated me about her wedding details. Josh and Mark were discussing the physics of a gecko. Then I'm not sure how it happened but we started playing crazy videos on youTube. We had a lot of fun hanging out with them.

Potty update: I don't know what happened today Ethan had five accidents today. The first one he told me that he need to go but I was in the middle of changing Preston. Ethan managed to stay dry until I got him in front of the toilet. Then the next one he was sitting on the floor looking at a book and I noticed he was sitting in a puddle. Then a little later he was sitting on a chair and I noticed a puddle under the chair. Then he was good for a little while. Then at the end of skating class he had another accident. The main reason everyone came inside from playing in the backyard was Ethan had another accident. He had been doing so well I really don't know why he had so many accidents today.