Happy Birthday Ethan!

Lesson learned: Ethan is the king of guitars. (life according to Ethan) 

We were woken up at 6:00am to find Ethan in the crib with Preston. The boys were both really cranky this morning, I think Ethan kept them up most of the night playing. We had left Josh's car at swimming so I had to drop him off this morning. Preston was asleep before we got to the swimming school. He seems to be in a  better mood since the nap in the car this morning.

This is the second time that a hurricane has forced us to have Ethan's birthday inside. The first hurricane was on this first birthday. Josh's mom was in from out of  town and we packed bags because we weren't sure if we would be able to drive home from my parents house. My parents even bought a generator just in case the power went out. Several people didn't show up to the party because of it. At least this time the hurricane hit early and we aren't going to have to change plans the day of the party. It just is sad that he loves playing baseball and he isn't going to get to play on his actual birthday or for his party. I think he love hitting the ball and people cheer and where as when he normally hits things he gets in trouble. I do have to say that because it has been raining so much that the hunters haven't been out. I do have to take a moment to clarify, I don't have a problem with the hunters I have an issue with it sounding like I live in a war zone. Actually I feel safer with people running around with guns that have licenses and are using them properly near by. What did Robert A. Heinlein say, "An armed society is a polite society." It is also cutting down on the amount of droppings I have to clean off my vehicle. :-) 

Another question that I have been getting lately is am I planning to home school. The answer is no. The reason that I am doing a preschool curriculum for two reasons. The first reason is having planned activities during the day helps keep the kids from being couch potatoes and from getting bored. So it keeps me less stressed because the kids aren't constantly asking what is next, or getting into things that they shouldn't be. The second reason is because the daycare that the boys had been in started a preschool curriculum at two. So Ethan had already had a year of instruction and I don't want that to go to waste. We still haven't decided if we are going to do public or private school yet but in either case I think the boys will be more challenged then what I could do. I feel confident that I could teach most subject without issue. The subject of English makes me cringe. I'm sure many of you reading this blog constantly wonder about my creative use of the English language. 

So we were waiting for Josh to come home from work watching a kid movie. Then all the sudden it started raining and the tornado sirens started going off. I freaked because Josh had already left work and was going by Dimples cupcakes to pick up some cupcakes for Ethan's birthday today. I flipped the TV to a local news station and they are talking about tornadoes touching down in Dallas. So at this point I'm really freaked. I get the kids into the half bath under the stairs. So we are chilling. The boys are being boys and I'm trying to strain my ears to hear the TV to see if they are saying thing about Frisco. Then the sirens turned off. So I figured all clear. Still couldn't get a hold of Josh. Nothing seemed to get connecting with my cellphone. So I grabbed the land line to see if my parents had heard anything but they had been watching a movie so they weren't much help. So I went to weather.com to try to pull up a map to see what is going on. The sirens start going off again. I rounded the boys back up and headed back to the bathroom. This happen another time. Finally I got a hold of Josh and he said that where he was at was all sunny. Our plans were to go to Gatti-town tonight for dinner but we weren't sure if we should go out or not. We finally said heck with it and headed out. Ethan couldn't wait to get to the games and rides.

Ethan didn't want to leave but we didn't have any diapers in the diaper bag. Oops, I guess I had forgotten to check it before we left. Preston had already used the last pull-up we had so he was wearing one of the plastic training pants. Josh said that it looked like he had on clown pants and that if he did anything it was going to leak everywhere. Not to mention that we still had presents and cupcakes at home waiting! Aunt Cherie called while we were at the Gatti-town. So we called her back on the way home. While Ethan was on the phone with her Papa Will called so Ethan was talking to both of them at the same time. Then he started playing games on the phone instead of talking. Once we got home we gave him his presents. A helmet, drum sticks, and roller skates. We got him the drum sticks because Preston had chewed the tips off the sticks that came with the drum set Ethan got for Christmas. It took Ethan less then five seconds to break the drum heads with his new sticks. *sigh* I think the helmet and skates are self explanatory.  The skate we got are really cool. They start off where the back wheels like regular skates then there is one wheel in the front. Then you can adjust the wheels to be inline skates once the Ethan gets more stable. I don't think it is going to take him that long because he was starting to get around on his own already. 

Waiting for the sirens to stop!!
Nothing says Happy Birthday like hanging out in the bathroom!
Yummy Yummy
This is much better then the bathroom!
This is Ethan on the ship ride. Sorry the picture is so fuzzy but it is actually the best one I got. I didn't realize how bad it was until now.

Oooh so yummy!! Josh and I split the bottom one and didn't eat half of it!!!