I remembered!!

Whoo hoo. I remembered Preston had soccer today. Preston started off class doing really well. Then he just stopped wanting to participate. Since Preston wasn't listening we left class early.

Ethan's teacher said that he was so well behaved today. I was super excited to hear that news.

After naps Preston was pulling things out of the toy box and found a monkey, he was extremely excited about.

Before we headed to swimming we decided to try In-N-Out burger. The wait for the drive thru was only thirty minutes. While we were waiting it didn't really seem like it was that long. We couldn't get the boys to eat their burgers but they loved the shake and fries. Our burgers were good, not really sure it was worth a thirty minute wait, but once the lines are at normal drive thru times we will go back.
What we are dying to have open it Raising Cane's, apparently there are two opening in Frisco soon.

We got to swimming with barely enough time to get everyone dressed and ready for class. Ethan did really well. Preston did okay.