And the band marches on!

This morning started early. I had told Korri to be here at 8:00 so that there would be enough time to drop Josh off at work then head down to watch the Aggie band practice. I figured traffic would be bad, I just hadn't accounted for how bad traffic was. I was about to turn around and go home but I couldn't exit until we passed the main accident that was slowing us down. Once we passed the finder bender the road was clear so we continued on to the football field. When we first arrived the band was getting ready to setting up to run through the drills again. The boys didn't know what was going on at first but once the band started preforming they enjoyed it. I was amazed at how many moms and kids were there watching. One of the Garland schools
had sent their band to watch the practice. During one of the breaks members of the Aggie band came and spoke to the students. It was really a lot of fun it is making me look forward to this summer to watch the DCI show in Denton. There is a show in Dallas but there are more bands preforming in Denton.

Korri hung out a little after returning home. While the boys were having their naps I worked on taking down our Christmas decorations. Before I knew it was time to pick up Josh, sort of. Actually Josh and Mark got in the car and I got left to be picked up by Jen. The boys had a boys night and I got to have a kid free girls night with Jen. We headed to a new Mexican restaurant that was absolutely amazing. For the life of me I can't remember the name of the place. Then we went to Color Me Mine. Jen and I had so much fun. It was nice to get to do some painting without the boys. It was a ton of fun and hopefully will become a monthly tradition.