So today was the last day for Ethan at his temporary preschool. Today they went to a pumpkin patch. According Ethan he found the "perfect pumpkin" because it is small like him.

 We headed home to attend Frisco's Trick-or-Treat event at the Fire Safety Town. On the way their Ethan started saying that he needed to go potty. So we pulled over but it was fast enough. The traffic was really heavy and it wasn't looking like there was any parking. So we decided to go to the shuttle parking. We finally arrived at the Safety Town at 8:00 and realized the line to get in was about an hour and the event ended at 9:00. I guess I should also mention the pouring rain and that it was partially an outside event. So we decided we will try again next year.

The good news is that Preston loves wearing his costume. He cried when we took it off him so that we could put him in the car seat.