Black Friday.

We dropped Josh off at Best Buy at midnight. It didn't open till 5:00 at this point we were about two hours ahead of schedule. So we drove past another Toys R Us so we decided to stop and see if they had one thing that we didn't see at the first one. Once again my mom jumped into line and my sister and I gathered. This time it took us three hours to get out of the store but it gave us time to find more deals that we missed the first time. So now we are an hour behind schedule. Josh was freezing and wanted something hot to drink. So I dropped my mom and sister off at the Allen Outlet Center then hunted down some hot chocolate for Josh then headed back to the outlet center. My sister found some clothes at Ann Taylor where everything in the store was 50% off. Then we went to the Coach store they had 20% off. So I found a purse that was already marked 1/2 off plus I got the extra 20%. We were going to JC Penneys but then realized that it was time to meet up with Josh at Best Buy. This time I jumped in line and messed up so I had to go back through the line again. We were still able to get out in less than an hour. If I hadn't of messed up we would have been less then 30 minutes. Then we headed over to JC Penneys. Josh and I feel asleep while my mom was buying something. Then we headed back to pick up my sister from the outlet stores. Then to Lowes and Dillards. Then we made it home. I took a nap because I was told that I was going to drive to North Park. However my mom and sister continued shopping around Rockwall. Then I woke up and called my mom to find out that they drove to North Park with out me. Once they got  back my mom and I headed out to Kirklands and Half Price Books. I think there were some other stops but I'm not really sure at this point. Then my sister and brother in law packed up and had to be taken to the airport to return to Chicago. When we left the airport their flight was only 30 minutes delayed but when we got to my Grandmother's house we found out it had been postponed for two hours. They eventually where able to make it home and we eventually made it to bed.