Whirl Wind Wednesday

Today was full of Christmas shopping. Thank goodness the weather was beautiful. It was windy and the high was almost 80F. We checked out several stores and hardly bought anything. However we did check out Christmas Trees Shop. I was expecting a store of all different types of Christmas decorations and gifts. That is not what the store is. It is more like a super sized Big Lots. The boys were troopers during the shopping spree with my mom. The only story that they were a little bit of a handful was in Carters. Ethan was in the stroller but my mom didn't strap him in so at one point he got out and started running around, we quickly buckled him in. I was carrying Preston and he started getting really squirmy. Apparently, all of the kids in the Frisco area are as size 3T because everywhere we went stores were sold out of that size or what they had was completely ugly.