The greatest potty training tip ever!!

A few weeks ago, I was waiting for Ethan's school to unlock their doors so I could pick Ethan up. I noticed one of the other mom's open her trunk and pulled out a potty chair. Then she gave the chair to her child and had her go.

Before I had kids, I rode with a friend who took her son to visit some aunts. We were in the middle of nowhere and her son needed to go. She had to pull of on the side of the road and have him go in some trees. I can't count the number of times that Ethan has said the dreaded words, "I've got to go potty" and there just wasn't any way humanly possible that we could get him to one before he had an accident. The park that we frequent the most doesn't have potties. So he wouldn't let us know that he need to go because that meant we would have to leave and go home. Generally we never get back before he goes. A few weeks ago, when he had to go it wasn't a big deal. He used the chair and was able to continue playing.

Since we added the chair to the car it has been used a total of there times to date. Will defiantly be part of our vehicle for a long time.