Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back in the game!

It has been a few weeks since I've actually have made a couponing trip to the store. I know I'm a bad couponer. We have pretty much killed our stockpile so I'm actually hitting five different stores this week to build it back up quickly.

My first store was Tom Thumb a must hit because they had their Gatorade 15 for $10 or .66 each. We use about at least a bottle a day since that is the only juice Preston can drink. While I was there I meet another couponer. Yep I'm not extreme nor do I think I'm going to become extreme. My goodness she wore me out just listening to her. According to this random person, there is an amazing deal on mayo. Then she explained how a grocery store (Albertson's) had a manufacture coupon for it in their ad, and then another store (CVS)  had it on sale but that store was out so you have to take the ad to Wal-Mart and they would price match it. The mayo ends up costing about .77. I swear she said all that in one breath while yelling at her kids to come back to the cart and she was trying to cut coupons in the middle of the breakfast isle. I think I'll just stick with the website that figures all that stuff out for me and I'm okay with my bills being only at 50%  to 65% savings.

Today was one of the first times I felt like an extreme couponer because I had 31 bottles of Gatorade and twelve boxes of cereal. Plus a bunch of other stuff. My cart was over flowing but the feeling ended when I got to the check out and only saved 52% but still it wasn't bad. Just I know that I could have done better. Then I got home and realized I had miss counted my cereals and only had eleven. Which meant I missed out on four dollars of savings. *sigh*

After the grocery store trip it was time to pick Ethan up. I really didn't know what to expect. His teacher said that overall he had a great day but there was one incident in theater. I asked Ethan about it and he wouldn't answer me so I went to this theater teacher. The theater teacher wasn't in the room when it happened but the assistant was. I hunted down the assistant and she said that both boys were rough housing and that she didn't break it up until the big kid started crying that Ethan hit his nose. The big kid had originally hit Ethan in the stomach. They both got in trouble. I told the assistant that the big kid has been telling his parents that he doesn't want to come to school because Ethan hits him. She was shocked because they are really good friends but do like to play rough with each other. I feel a lot better to find out that Ethan isn't just a big bully and just walking up to people and hitting them for no reason.

Ethan had another soccer game today. It was his best game to date! He didn't try to pick up the ball and he didn't lay down during the game. He had one assist and one goal. Now if we can get him to pay attention the entire game. At one point he was just walking up and down the lines on the field. At one point he had the ball and stopped it with his foot but the other kids started kicking it before he could kick it in the direction he wanted. We were very proud of our Ethan today. As a reward we took Ethan for some ice cream. 

The second couponing trip wasn't nearly as successful as the first one. I only saved 47%  The total saving for today was $104.17. I guess I can't complain. I had someone ask me if paying for The Grocery Game was worth it. I pay for five stores and the money I save in one trip in one week more than makes up for the money I spend on the site.