What a difference a year makes!

Today I started off with a little couponing. I went to a different Walgreens to pick up the few items the other one was out of and to get some more advil and ponytail holders.

Today I took the boys to  Scarborough Fair in Waxahachie on my own. My friend, Korri, is going to be leaving Texas in the next few years and wanted to celebrate her birthday at the fair. Josh stayed home to work on his project and Korri and her roommate, Maggie, headed out before I was able to get out the door. I had to get from the parking lot to the fair and find Korri and Maggie without any assistance. A year ago Josh and I took the boys to Scarborough with Josh's dad and his dad friend, Bobby. We also ran into my friend Sheri. We were there for A few  hours and Josh and I were at our wit ends completely stressed out from the boys. This year the boys and I were there for over five hours and the only real drama was Ethan got tired of walking and wanted to be carried and I couldn't do to lack of arms.  Korri was a great help with the boys today but I'm a lot more comfortable with understanding their needs and reading their nonverbal cues. My goodness when I first quit my job and started staying with the boys I tried to take the boys to story time by myself and was so overwhelmed that I had Korri start going with me.

Last year Memorial weekend was very stressful and I couldn't wait to drop the kids off at daycare on Tuesday so I could get to work and be around grownups. There is no way I could have taken them to a museum then the next day turn around and take them to a fair. At times I really regret not leave work after Ethan was born but then again I learned so much from the daycare. I really wasn't mentally ready to be a stay at home mom at that point. This past year we have all grown and I now know my boys were a year ago I didn't really.