The "new" schedule starts!

Today is the first week that Ethan is out of school, the new swimming schedule starts, the boys start circus class, and I start aerial yoga. Our second car is being fixed today.

The morning started off a little rough, Ethan was very cranky because he needed more sleep. I was really worry about how he was going to behave at soccer. When I got to soccer loaded Preston in the umbrella stroller then the stroller collapsed. I didn't have any of the others strollers with us. He spent the entire time running around trying to get onto the soccer field. The coach seemed to be having a bad day. She kept telling the kids how bad they were being but they weren't. She assigned the kids different color spots. One of the kids sat on Ethan's spot and he was trying to sit on it too. She had Ethan move to the other spot because she had forgotten who was assigned which spot. Then Ethan was confused after that about which spot was his. Anther time one of the kids did their turn of kicking a goal. The next girl waited till the first kid was out of the way and then went, just like they always do. The coach didn't give her a ball and made her start over because the coach didn't say go. Stop changing the rules on the kids midstream. After class she talked to the parents about how awful the class behaved and how she is going to start doing time out with them. Also let me mention she ended the class twenty minutes early! I'm going to talk to the coach on Wednesday and see if Ethan can get moved into her class. I really like the parents and haven't changed Ethan before now but Ethan isn't enjoying the class as much as he had before. Ethan isn't learning as much as he did the first session.

After nap time we headed to circus class. Ethan was so excited! I was nervous for a few of reasons. First, Preston hasn't been in a class where a parent didn't participate. Second, I hoped that Ethan wouldn't be disappointed. Third, my foot still hurts. Forth, I've never been in a yoga class. Finally, I was told to wear a shirt that wouldn't come up when you hang upside down??!! Great now I'll get to break my neck, too. Once we got there I remembered why I signed Ethan up for the class in daycare in the first place. The instructors are extremely nice and their love of performing just oozes out of them. Ethan and Preston's teacher started off showing them the different pieces of equipment while I went into the other room for my class. I thought I was going to be the only student but another lady was there. Great! I get to look like an idiot in front of a complete stranger. The other lady was friendly and thought the boys were adorable. A couple of  times during our class we peeked in on the boys. All I heard was laughter coming from the boys so that was comforting. When we were coming out of our class, Ethan came running up to me and said, "I don't want circus class to be over, yet". The teacher just went on about how great the boys did. Apparently, Preston surprised him on a couple of the activities because Preston has more muscle control the Ethan does.

Cirque Duo is the name of the group that we are taking lessons from. They are working on a new website to feature information about the classes they offer. I'll post a link once the website is updated.

The only yoga I've ever done before was from a video my friend Kate brought over once. I'm not the most coordinated person in the world. Just look at my post from yesterday on how I injured my foot. Josh is still laughing at me every time he sees me hobbling around.

What is aerial yoga? It is yoga that uses circus silks. For those of you who are familiar with yoga, if you can imagine the downward facing dog pose with the silk supporting your hips. I guess I should also mention that the silk that we use is just one that is looped. Even though I wasn't supporting all of my own weight my muscles still got a work out. At one point I did end up hanging upside down. What shocked me the most is how weak my wrist are, one of the poses was basically a push-up but my feet were in the silk, I couldn't hold the pose. The instructor had me go onto my elbows instead. I loved the class and can't wait to go back. I'm very glad that things worked out that I'm actually getting a chance to do something for myself.

My dad picked up Ethan on the way home from a conference. Ethan was very excited to be able to get to stay at Nana and Papa's home by himself.