A mother of a sale!

My parents are out of town. My cake decorating class isn't meeting today. We actually didn't have anything planned at all today. Yesterday on the way home from soccer I heard a radio ad for Half Price book was having a warehouse sale. According to the ad everything is $3 or less. I figured that it wouldn't hurt anything to check out the sale.

We ended up not getting there till about noon today. I was expected a complete mad house. Also figured that everything would be $3 and that it would be really picked over at this point. Especially since the sale was ending in four hours.

I was shocked when we got there it wasn't nearly as crazy as I was expecting. Don't get me wrong it was crazy just not wall to wall people where you couldn't move. There were a ton of people but there was room to move around and even places you could move and be out of the way.

When we walked in we were handed a bag and was told that the bag was free and not to over fill it but everything that would fit into the bag was only going to be $10. The bags were huge. We managed to fit about 220 books into four bags making each book .18 cents each.

We had to keep going over areas that we had already checked out because the employees kept bringing out more boxes of books. We ended up being in the warehouse for about two and half hours. The boys were so well behaved the entire time. We gave the boys a book each to hold onto and they kept themselves entertained. They would ask for a different book every once in a while. A couple of times Ethan pointed out books that he wanted to look at. I was amazed at how well they were.

While Ethan was reading a book an older girl (I think about eight) was looking at a pile of books then said she wanted that and tried to grab the book out of Ethan's hand. Thank goodness Ethan has a tight grip, but  she was persistent. I told her the book was his and for her to leave him alone. Then she told me that she wanted it. I told her sorry and to get out of here. She gave me a glare and finally left Ethan alone.

Our four bags of books.

Josh unloading the bags and counting them.

Apparently we managed to grab two copies of one book that we already owned. Oops. I guess we wasted almost .40 cents. If anyone likes Mary Higgins Clark and would like a free book just leave me a message letting me know that you are interested.

  Yesterday I made mummy cookies and tonight Ethan ate one then. After wards he was waking around saying that he was a mummy. Then he started asking if he could dress like a mummy. I went and found some special mummy wrap.

I'm over this.

Go Rangers!!

Love how kids love boxes over real toys.