Is this week over yet???

Seriously this week is going to be insanely busy for my family. My older sister is coming into town this week to help my parents decorate their house for Christmas. Today we helped my parents get all of their decorations our of storage. Yes my parents have so many Christmas decorations they have a storage unit the size of a one car garage that is normally 80% full of Christmas stuff. This year we had two vans and a truck on the first run, and they had to return with the van and the truck for a second trip.

I still have to clean the upstairs of our house. All of the baking that is needed for our party. Other food prep for the party. Plus helping my parent decorate their house. Oh all of our normal stuff. If my blogs are really short or just full of pictures it is because I'm not sure which was is up because of lack of sleep and I'm trying to blog at three in the morning.

I thought I had ordered a gingerbread pan from Wilton's website and when I went to check the order status I was informed that I didn't have any orders. Then I tried looking up the confirmation email and couldn't find it. I'm a little stressed out and decided to try to find it in stores. Josh and I didn't find the pan but we did find other things that we couldn't live without. Like these red Christmas trees for my fire place.

Ethan cruising with my mom convertible style.  Okay they drove from the back of their house to the front.

 Josh and Preston "fixing" the ride on train.
 Preston still hard at work
 Ethan joining in to help. A fight quickly erupted after the picture was taken.
 Look mom I'm taller than Santa Clause!

Of course where Fred is hiding tonight. I'm not sure if Fred is letting us know something about himself.