Camping!! Sort of

The day we spent with Ms. Korri. Basically we went to Joann's and got signed up for some knitting and crochet classes. This weekend the sewing, quilting, knitting, and crochet classes are half off. Next weekend the cake decorating classes are going to be half off.

Because the boys were so well behaved in the store, we took them to Petland to look at animals. Ethan cracks me up because he loves dogs and cats but he is so afraid of them.

While we were at home the boys are still all about their trunki. After dinner they were playing some sort of tag game riding the trunki. That morphed into hide and seek. Then we had a movie night and watched Chicken Little.

I don't think anyone will find me here

Dad this is a great spot to watch the movie.
When it was time for bed we told them they could go "camping" tonight. They were so excited. The low tonight is suppose to be right at the freezing point. Thank goodness the tent is set up in the playroom and we are going to have the heat on.
This is roughing it!

I'm sleepy

Good night world.

Preston: Just kidding. It's party time
Ethan: Daddy makes a great mattress!

After twenty minutes Preston wouldn't settle down to go to sleep so he had to go to his bed. At least we know that he still isn't ready and I don't have to freeze tonight. What is cracking me up is that I can hear Ethan messing around trying to keep himself awake and Josh is snoring right next to him.

I love that we have a chance to have these little moments of family time. It makes me realize just how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family.