And now there is pumpkin pie ice cream!!

This morning the kids and I watched a cartoon that the characters made ice cream. I thought that sounded like a fun activity to do with the boys. I pulled out our ice cream maker and realized that the center part had to be frozen for at least six hours. Well crap. I put it into the freezer and promised the boys after naps that we would make the ice cream. I found a great sounding recipe pumpkin pie ice cream.

For some reason it never seemed to turn into ice cream so I stuck it into the freezer to get hard. Actually Korri was watching the boys and she put into the freezer for me.

Josh and I had a date night. He took me to Cheesecake Factory then we went to see a movie, Sherlock Holmes. It was a fun movie but seemed to run long. I don't know what crazy universe I've been in this week that Josh and I have seen three movies in five days.

Yummy, Yummy Ice Cream!!