The things I do for Josh.

Today Team in Training had a a full chapter fundraiser. I wasn't told till Saturday that Josh needed to have ten people say that they were with him for him to be credited a portion of the proceeds that were raised. I had already asked my parents and Josh had some friends that were interested in attending then the four of us. I was thinking we were looking pretty good to have ten people attend, I wasn't sweating it. This morning I found out that Josh hadn't asked his dad to attend and the couple that we thought were attending had a family birthday to attend. I got on the phone and started calling and texting people trying to get the minimum number. I had finally gotten a solid confirmed ten at 4:00 and the event started at 5:00. Thank goodness we don't ever put anything off till the last minute.

Part of the fundraiser was a silent action. We were able to get three gift cards donated from different restaurants around town. Then we donated the extra trunki we had and the leapster explorer. The organizers of the event grouped everything very nicely. However there were only a total of four toy items and they were put up on a wall behind everything else. I don't think that anyone realized that they were part of the auction because the trunki was the only thing toy that got a bid and it was from the organizer. The other three items didn't get any bids at all. The Leapster explorer is being returned to us because we are going to have wine tasting and silent action on Feb 23 at 7:00 at the Landon Winery in McKinney. The cost is $25 per person and a portion of the proceds are going to go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society(lls).

I'm not sure how much our items brought but anything is better than where he was before tonight.  Josh hasn't giving me a link to this season's fund raising page but I'll be pimping it out as soon as I get it. Wait, with the help of Google I have found Josh's fund raising page which you can access here

In other events today the boys wanted me to "teach" them how to knit. I did get Ethan to tie a slip knot but that was about as far as we got before he decided it was just a lot more fun to stab the yarn with the needles. Preston looks very impressive in his picture but he had picked up my crochet from yesterday's class and was just poking it.