Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is a little sleep to much to ask??

Last night Preston came into our room at 3:00am and he was wide awake and ready to start his day. We told him that it was still sleeping time and to go back to bed. We thought Preston listened because he ran out of the room. Instead Preston went into Ethan's room and jumped on him. That triggered Ethan's fight or flight response so he was wide awake too. Thank goodness Josh had fallen ao he sleep when the kids did so he was able to get them back into bed. At 5:00am, the boys were up again!! Apparently they never actually went back to sleep. Now it was mine time to get them to sleep. Got Preston a little water turned the fans on in the rooms and everyone was finally back to sleep. I was hoping the boys would sleep in but I wasn't that lucky. This morning they were crabby and didn't really want to do anything but lay around. I was thinking that nap time should be a breeze. Boy I was wrong! Ethan fell asleep before Preston. I was starting to think that Preston would never take a nap. At 5:00pm, I figured it was time to get the boys up because I wanted them to be able to go to bed at their normal time tonight.

I guess I'll see if the boys actually sleep the entire night tonight.