Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another science project.

Josh and I love that the kids want to do science projects. We feel that science is extremely important. At the root they are fascinated in how things work. To us being excited about science is being excited about knowledge and wanting to learn.

Today we tried to make rock candy. Once again I got the idea off of pinterest. Yes I am addicted to pinterest. Just because there are so many ideas that are just why didn't I think of that! Or I find out how to do things that I've always been curious about but didn't think I could do.

At any rate, I found a blog that broke the steps to very simple instructions that I felt like I could make the candy with the boys. Now I'm addicted to the blog Gluesticks.

What seemed to take the longest was I used jars that still had labels and the glue on them. I would start working on getting the glue off and they boys would start to fight. Then I would get the boys calmed down and return to the jars. The boys would once again start fighting over a different toy. Once I remembered that we have goo be gone the process went faster but was still slow because of the fighting. The boys were really excited that we were going to be growing candy. I collected all of the nonfood items that we needed.

I used lollipop sticks, I have no idea if they work as well as the bamboo skewers. I just don't have a clue where to find bamboo skewers. I had the boys dip the sticks in water and coat them in sugar.

 I didn't want to just throw out the excess sugar so I gave the boys fruit to dip into the sugar.

 I added the sugar into the water and the boys wanted to know why the water looked dirty.

 The finished product. The boys were very excited to show off our hard work when Josh got home.
I think the hardest part of this project is going to keep the boys away from the containers for seven days.

I told the boys that tomorrow that we are going to make a count down calender so they know when the candy will be done growing.