Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

This morning we were planning on taking the boys to watch a half marathon that was suppose to run through my parent's neighborhood. We were also going to have the boys have motivational signs like "run, random person, run". Or Josh's favorite "Worst Memorial Day parade EVER!"

Turns out the half marathon route was changed and it didn't come anywhere near my parent's home.

Instead we put on bathing suites and went swimming. Actually my mom and I never got in the water because it was to cold. Preston got in a little but spent most the time on the side. Josh, Ethan, and my dad all got in and did some major swimming. Ethan was just zooming all over the pool with his noodle. Ethan also was jumping off the diving board. I'm so glad that he is part fish. I do think that we are going to re-enroll the boys into swimming classes again.

While the boys were napping my grandmother came over and we played cards till the boys woke up.

Then it was off to Cirque Fit classes. I was so excited that Josh was able to join me in Arial yoga. My parents came to watch the boys. The boys did a great job during class we decided to do something special with them. A new snow cone place opened near by. Josh got cookie dough, Preston had cinnamon, Ethan wanted blue coconut, and I had New Orleans king cake.

They were all very tasty and will be nice that there is a place so close but it still isn't as good as the place that closed. There is a place that is always packed on Main street that sales snow cones. I think we are going to be checking them out sooner than later.