Thursday, May 31, 2012

The tree is gone!

This morning, I was woken up by the boys jumping on me saying the van is missing and the yard is full of guys. Talk about getting your fight or flight reflexes a work out. I jumped out of the bed and looked out the window and couldn't really see anything so I moved to a different room. I was able to confirm the van was indeed missing and the front yard was full of guy. The yard wasn't just full of guys but guys with chainsaws!! Josh had left early because he was having to leave work early today because he is once again going out of town. I ran to the phone and called him. Turns out Josh had taken the van to work this morning. The men in the front yard are from the city and they were removing the branches that had fallen.

Josh came home so that I could have the van today, the boys and I had plans this morning. We were going to the library. When it was time to leave, Ethan didn't want to go anywhere today. I made the trip as quick as possible. When we were almost home Ethan wanted to go to the Discovery Sci-tech center. Really?? I reminded him that he didn't want to go anywhere today. He informed me that he had changed his mind and now really wants to go to the sci-tech center. I guess we might try to go tomorrow.

After naps it was time to take Josh to the airport. The boys are getting to be pros at going to the airport. They didn't even get excited about seeing planes today. I'm so glad this is the last trip Josh is taking without us for a while. When we got home Juan was just starting to take down the rest of the tree. The boys were so fascinated about seeing it come down. Once the chainsaw was turned off I let them go out to see the yard for a moment. They wanted to help load up the truck with branches.
Mom, What is going on?

I want to help

The house across the street also lost a tree. We are using the same person to grind the trunk down. I had to have the border stones moved before he comes. The boys and I started to move the stones and then I realized that there were several layers that were completely buried. There is a kid in the neighborhood that is trying to raise money for a mission trip that keeps leaving flyers everywhere asking for work. His advertising worked because I called to see if he wanted to finish the job. He came right over and took care of the job.
This was a lot more stones than I realized it was going to be.
Ethan was funny because he just wanted to watch him work. At one point the kid had disappeared for a few minutes (turned out he went home to get supplies). Ethan kept asking where did he go, when is he coming back. Ethan was suppose to be going to sleep but I couldn't get him to stop looking out the window and watching the kid working.

Added bonus the boys now want to do chores around the house so they can get money. Really?? you are four and three?? Okay whatever gets the job done. Preston had gotten his room completely picked up and was helping Ethan.