Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Even crazier than I expected

This morning the boys slept in. I actually had to wake up Preston (he is normally our alarm clock). Today's activity was to head to the movies. The show we wanted to see started at 9:30am. That is when the weirdness began. While we were watching the movie my phone started blowing up. Turns out my bank card number has been stolen and someone was trying to charge $300. Thank goodness Korri came to see the movie so the kids could stay in the theater while I was dealing with the bank. Finally I was off the phone and got to go back to the movie. Just when I sat down Preston needed to use the restroom. Are you kidding?? Then it was off to the restroom. I finally got to sit and see the end of the movie.
When we were leaving the theater I got some other strange news that I'm not really sure what it means right now. Basically, a company that Josh used to work for just got bought out by Google. The awesome part is that Josh had stock options with the company.

The afternoon the boys just wanted to play in the dirt.