Gee, why am I tired?

Saturday we started off by going to see Brave. I think it is the first Disney/Pixar princess movie and they nailed it. I can't wait till it comes out on DVD.

We messed around at the mall for a little bit than headed home for food and naps. While the boys were napping I headed to the library. I returned six books then wandered the library. It was like a mini vacation. I got to sit on the forth floor over looking Frisco Square with a book. There were no interruptions and it was so quite. I think I could stay up there for hours. Then I realized that I had a million things that I needed to do at home and had to move on.

I went to check out and my account was locked because it said that I had an over due book out. What to the wha?? Doubled checked everything when I left the house and counted the books as I put it in the book return slot. I spoke to what it felt like a million people (or three) to finally get them to over ride the system so that I could check out my current books. When I got to my car I saw the missing book sticking out from under the front seat. *sigh* I headed back inside and apologized but was very grateful the book was found.

When the boys woke up it was time to head back out. This time we took the boys to my parent's home so they could have some fun in the sun with my parents while Josh and I headed to a going away party. One of Josh's close friend from high school is moving to South Dakota.

When we got back to my parent's home, Ethan had kept asking where grandma was. I asked if he missed her and he said yes. We told him that we would see her tomorrow. He said okay but you could tell he was a little disappointed.

The boys loved being spoiled by my parents. My parents loved spoiling the boys.