Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Today is our anniversary! I don't have a romantic bone in my body and get really uncomfortable when Josh tries to be romantic. I don't know what is wrong with me. Then again things have been crazy and neither one of us realized that today was our anniversary till yesterday just before bed. We were going to try out a hourly drop in daycare place so we could go to a movie.

This morning Korri came over for us to go to story time. She mentioned that she wasn't working tonight so I asked if she could watch the boys. Korri is awesomeness and wanted to hang out with the boys.

Tonight is the first movie that we have been to without the kids since January. The big date night movie was the Avengers. I told you my romantic bone is broken. Seriously if anyone would have told me six years ago that Josh and I would watch a super hero movie for our anniversary I would have laughed at you. Then again I you told me I would be a stay at home mom with two kids I would have laughed too.