I really need to start checking out the weather.

One of the moms in the group was talking about a beach in Little Elm on Lake Louisville. I told my mom about it and we decided to check it out today. My mom spent last getting all of their beach gear together. This morning we woke up to rain. The rain had stopped but Weather.com showed another line of showers headed our way.

We figured that we would go ahead and check out the beach to see if it would be worth going back another day.
Looks like beach weather to me.
It was almost lunch when started headed to the beach. We stopped and picked up food and had a picnic at the park.

Then it was time to check out the beach. Shocking when we arrived it we were the only people there. The sun came out and we had a great time. The beach itself is kind of small. We were able to set up right next to the beach on some grass. It was nice our towels and blanket weren't completely full of sand. Thank goodness the sun came out. We had a great time. About four o'clock the clouds started looking angry. By the time we got everything loaded up it started sprinkling on us. We were able to get home before any weather came. When I checked the weather the storm was just south of us and in my mom's way to get home. She decided to stay for dinner and let the bad weather past. Turns out the storm was very nasty and dropped a ton of hail the size of tennis balls.
It is so crowded I don't know if we will find a spot to set up.