Josh is HOME!!

Today we headed to the airport and picked Josh up. This was the last trip that we know of. The boys wanted to be the super hero squad and rescue Josh from the evil airport. Turns out the evil nap time defeated Preston.

I know I felt safer with these two on watch!
To celebrate Josh's return. We took the boys to Going Bonkers. I've been hearing about Going Bonkers for the past couple of years but we just haven't gone. Today seemed like the prefect time to go. As soon as we walked in Ethan took off his shoes and was ready to go. I think his head was going to explode. Preston was just overwhelmed and needed a moment to take it all in. Then the boys were off. Josh and I let the boys play in the large play structure. It is the largest play structure that I've ever seen. After about thirty minutes and we didn't see the boys, Josh decided to go in and check on them. I enjoyed getting to just sit back and read a book. There was another mom near me that was scrap booking. It was really nice that I didn't have to worry about the kids. At one point Josh and the boys came back to the table and wanted to check out the arcade area. All of us went upstairs to check it out. Basically Going Bonkers is a super sized Chuck E Cheese. Once the boys ran out of the five dollars we let them have it was back to the play structure. Josh once again went in with the boys, this time Josh ran into one of this friends from running. Then Josh decided that it was my turn to chase the boys around. I was like the boys would be fine. Then Preston came out and took my hand and wanted me to play. FINE, the kids win. I headed in. Man that was a serious work out. It was past time to eat. Josh and I decided we had gotten our money's worth. Driving home we decided to do a quick trip to a grocery store. The boys were completely zoned out. Ethan was so zoned out that he fell asleep. I LOVE Going Bonkers because the boys wanted to head to bed after dinner.

I have a lot of pictures from Going Bonkers but they are all action shots and very blurry, or they are so far away you can't really make out who is in the pictures.