A Day of Rest.

Today my mom is visiting my sister and attending a family reunion in Indiana. We also had a birthday party to attend this evening, we decided not to visit my dad today.

This morning consisted of getting chores done. The afternoon we spent watching the Olympics. We have been recording our favorite events. We are watching things that originally aired on Friday so I'm not going to have any late braking Olympic news here. Any rate Ethan is completely over the Olympics until today we were watching swimming and beach volleyball.

After every score in volleyball Ethan would ask who won. Then he would start chanting USA. During swimming he kept asking who won. I'm hoping that watching the swimming he is going to want to start swimming lessons again but so far he isn't interested. Preston on the other hand is ready to start swimming. Maybe watching Preston in class will be enough to get him wanting to take lessons again.

When it was time to leave the birthday party, Preston grabbed the car keys. Then the boys took off towards the car before we were able to finish picking up all of our stuff. I guess the boys were ready to go home.

I'm glad the party was at a park so the boys were exhausted when we got home, tomorrow is going to be an insanely busy, the boys went to sleep with out a fight.