Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The hunt starts.

Last night I started searching for a new preschool for Ethan to attend. This time I'm looking for a class that is considered Pre-kindergarten. Basically it is advance preschool for kids who have done preschool but have birthday's after the school districts cut off date so they can't start Kindergarten. Ethan's birthday falls where he could attend private kindergarten this year but I don't see the point if he is doing public kindergarten next year. The second criteria is that I don't want to break the bank trying to afford the tuition. I found one that the class is at the Frisco Athletic Center (FAC). Preston could be at the FAC fun club and I could work out twice a week. I'm liking that plan, plus it is the cheapest.

I have two tours set up and I think we are going to check out two other places. I'm taking Ethan with me so he can feel like he as some input about his education.