Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Preston's evaluation

This morning Korri came over to watch Ethan while Preston and I went to his evaluation. I wasn't in the room during the evaluation. I'm glad that I had a book that Josh got me. Then I got called back. It turns out that Preston is leaving off the ends of words and doesn't say consonant blends. That was just naming pictures. She said once he started saying sentences that he dropped even more sounds. He is being accepted into the speech class it meets twice a week for an hour and half. Josh and I have a meeting that we need to attend that his goals for the year will be set. We will also get Preston enrolled. It is kind of funny Preston is going to be enrolled in school before Ethan. It looks like the only opening is in the afternoon. I guess it is good that he is starting to phase out of afternoon naps.

Then when we got home, Korri and I got to hang out while the kids played. It was nice to not rush around all day like yesterday.