Am I really ready for this?

The three day week was really nice. Saturday my parents and my brother and sister-in-law came over and we had our first cook out. After we ate the in-laws left and my parents stuck around to see fireworks. It started to rain so we were stuck inside but the boys didn’t seem to care. They were having fun pulling their books off the shelves. The rain let up so we headed to the fireworks in Frisco Square. I think we could see Addison’s fireworks before Frisco’s started. So once the Frisco show started my oldest wanted to sit in the van because he was afraid the fireworks would keep getting closer. So after I explained to him that they wouldn’t get any closer he was okay and got out of the van and watched the rest of the show. Then Sunday we went over to my parent’s house, had lunch, then we went shopping. We were excited about the Sears ad but when we got to the store we weren’t that impressed with the sale. We headed back to my parent's ate and swam. Patty and Sam came over and we headed out to see more fireworks. The boys did great during the show. The only time Ethan got scared was when some idiot near by kept setting off black caps and was throwing them at the cars were driving by.

Monday, we headed to the zoo. The boys loved it. It was their first trip. Ethan couldn’t get enough of the monkeys.

So yesterday the daycare called and had me pick up my youngest one for being sick. He did have diarrhea twice and he was tired. *sigh* I guess it is good that they are over protective over all the kids but it was a little over kill. By the time I got to the daycare Ethan was already down for his nap. I decided to leave him and pick him up after he woke up. After I got both boys home it was around 4:30. I went through my normal after picking up the boy’s routine so at 7:00 I was out of ideas on how to keep them occupied. *sigh* At least I know when I’m home that I’m going to have to have a scheduled and the day planned out before it starts. When I run out of ideas they seem to start getting cranky.

Right now Ethan knows that his is going to stop going to school soon but he doesn’t seem to understand why he is still going. So I’ve come up with an idea about making a count down calendar that he can tear one day off at a time so hopefully that will help cut down on the fits in the morning.

Tonight is swimming so that means rush to the daycare the rush over to swim school get Ethan changed and in his class. Then Josh has fifteen minutes to go to the restroom and get changed. Preston gets changed into his swimsuit. We get called in to see Ethan’s last swimming pass and ride on Mr. Duck. Preston and Josh go to their swimming class. Get Ethan changed into dry clothes. Breathe then wait for Josh and Preston to finish. Josh hands Preston off to me. Josh will run off to change and I’ll get Preston changed. Rush home feed everyone. Rush the boys off to bed. Then clean up from dinner. Swept the floors and either try peeling off wall paper or unpack some boxes.

I guess I better figure out if I'm ready or not because I'm turning my notice in five days.