Another day

Lesson learned: Dieting and budgeting isn't rocket science, it just boils down to having enough self discipline to tell yourself no.

I had lunch with Kori, I can't believe that I've known her for eight years. It seems like it was yesterday we were in line together waiting for room assignments. Anyways it was great getting to hang out. It is going to be great that I'll be able to see her more and she will get to see the boys too.

I didn't get a whole lot accomplished except cleaning off counter space. I got a curriculum in Tools of the Mind. This one I searched out because I had read NurtureShock and this curriculum was mentioned so I figured I would check it out.

On the way home from daycare, I told Ethan that if he ate dinner without any fuss that we would just mommy and Ethan time. He kept his end of the bargain up. He loves riding in the stroller so we walked down to the park. He went down the slide then he had an accident in his pants so we had to go back home. Preston and Josh played in the spare bedroom the entire time we were gone. Ethan and I joined them after Ethan was cleaned up. The boys spend some time coloring. Then it was off to bath time. Preston was off to bed and we let Ethan watch TV for a little while. Then he was off to bed.

I stayed up reading Tools of the Mind. I'm super excited about what I've read so far. It is more then just learning colors, letters, and numbers. It is about teaching kids self control and giving them the mental tools to make good decisions on their own.