Getting Closer..

I do have to say the closer that it is getting to leaving work the more excited I'm getting about staying at home. I only have two days of work left and the boys have seven days of daycare.
Today is swimming..
 I love and hate swimming nights I'm hoping that once I'm off work the hate part will go away. Right now the boys are taking classes at the Emler Swim school in Plano. What I hate about swimming right now is that I have to rush to the daycare from work. We rush to get Ethan changed. Preston gets about 15 minutes to run around while Josh or I change into our swim suits. Then we change Preston into his. Now it is time to see the last few minutes of Ethan's swim class. Ethan goes down the slides when Preston class starts. Get Ethan changed into dry clothes get his hand stamped and a cookie. Get to breath for a second. Preston's class ends. Preston and whatever parent did the class gets changed. Get everyone loaded up. Now it is about 7:15 and we still have at least 15 minutes before we get home. Generally we will hit some fast food place on the way home. The boys are starving but the time we get to eat. Honestly I'm pretty hungry myself at this point and cranky. As soon as the boys finish it is time for bed.

Preston in the Pool

Ethan watching TV instead of putting his shirt on.

Today when we were at the school they let us know that the fall class schedule is posted and what classes the boys are going to be in. Ethan is getting moved up to advance aqua tots. Preston has to stay in water babies till he is two. Now we get to decide if we are going to move to the Frisco swim school or stay at the Plano one. Am I going to try to have  the boys take the classes at the same time? Or at different times? Do we still do it when Josh can come? If I'm doing it by myself then I think the same time is going to be a must. I can get all of us dressed at home It is just going to suck at the end of class getting all of us changed. I think I can handle it.