How did I forget??

Apparently today is the day of plans that I completely forgot about. It isn't just me. Josh forgot that he signed up to run a 5k this morning at White Rock Lake. He remembered about 11:00 last night which was the same time my friend reminded that we are going to see Micheal Buble tonight and the AAC. Oops.

This morning started off rough. We set the alarm for 4:45 this morning because Josh wanted to leave for the race at 6:00 because he needed to register and figured that traffic would be terrible. Some how when the alarm went off Josh turned it off instead of hitting snooze. I woke up at 6:15, so we decided that there wasn't enough time for all of us to get ready and head down at the same time. So Josh got up and ran out the door. I got the boys up and we got out the door about 7:15. I arrived about 8:00 so the race had already started and I couldn't find a place to park. I parked twice the first time I decided I was too close to an intersection and it would be to hard to get the boys out. Then I found a spot near Mockingbird I got the kids out and in the stroller I started  head towards the race but decided that I parked to far away. So I turned back around and the boys were not happy about getting out of the stroller. The boys go crazy to be in the stroller. So I went on the hunt for a closer spot. While I was driving the boys and I saw the main pack go by. I finally found the perfect spot. Got the boys back in the stroller and headed to see the race but the time I got to mile marker 2 all we got to see were the walkers. The boys were great in the stroller just as long as were weren't heading back to the van. Afterwords, the boys and I meet up with Josh and two of his friends at Panera Bread. The boys were so hyper. Preston never stopped moving. Ethan did better he actually ate but he was pretty squirmy too. The boys weren't loud the were just were full of wiggle worms. Towards the end of the meal Josh and I switched boys and they magically settled down and were fine. Preston was starting to get cranky then I realized it was 10:00 and his nap time. Now I need to run to the store because my parents are coming over for lunch because there is some drama going on at their home. Part of their ceiling fell yesterday because the air conditioner started leaking. There are fans everywhere and they didn't think it would be easy to keep the boys away from them.

When my parents came over the boys were napping. So my mom and I went shopping. I found a really neat electronics set. Instead of having wires and resister it had snap together pieces so it is rated for ages 3+. I'm super excited about what Ethan and I can build together. For those of you who don't know I minored in Physics when I was in college with my discipline being electronics. I am going to have to be careful about not taking over the experiments that Ethan and I are working on.

I started dinner for everyone, while they were eating, I got ready for the concert. The boys got fish nuggets and rice. The adults ate left over London broil. I'm a big believer about not fixing special plates for the boys, but I had told Ethan that if he ate lunch that I would let him have fish sticks for dinner. So it was more of the adults didn't want to eat what the kids were having.

I'm trying to keep the focus of this blog about the kids but OH MY I have to share my feeling about the Micheal Buble concert. It was the best concert I've ever been to in my life!! I like Micheal but I don't actually own any of his music. A lot of artist if you don't have their CD's when you see them in concert you can get bored because you just don't know the music. There was only one maybe two songs that I didn't know but he was so entertaining that I didn't even care. Oh and the opening act was amazing too. I haven't even heard of Naturally7 before and when Sheri and I first sat down we weren't sure about them but when they left the stage we were sad because they were so indescribably good. I was so sucked into both performances. I do want to say it did make me feel a little old because I think this was the first concert that I've gone to that the chairs on the floor were still perfect aligned after the concert. There was some craziness when Micheal went out into the crowed for a couple of songs but he was still able to sing on the way back to the main stage. *sigh* I am thirty something now. I don't like this growing up thing.

The next concert that I have tickets to.. THE WIGGLES. *sobbing* I'm old. Actually I think the boys will have a great time. Ethan knows all their songs and that is all we listen to in the van. Preston will start dancing when the TV show.

A few people that I know that don't have kids either said that I don't know how you manage the boys or that being around my kids are the best birth control ever. I don't know if they are just being nice and really are saying that my kids are brats or they are just the boys are very active and the  see how much work it is to have kids, or maybe a little of both?