On the way to the weekend

I really am extremely excited and nervous about staying home. Then I'll had a drop off morning like I did today. First Preston about tears  my arm off trying to hang on as he screams and shakes his head no. The teacher from the adjoining classroom hands off another kid to Preston's teacher so that she can have Preston in her class. Preston did a little better with her at least I still have my arm attached. Then I take Ethan to his room. It was a melt down for the record books. When I set him down he lunged into my lap about knocking me over. Then I was finally able to get up. He runs in front of the door blocking me from leaving. His teacher comes over and picks him up and takes him to the window to wave bye. His face was so red and tears were just rolling down. I went to the front and watched them a few minutes on the monitors but I just couldn't handle watching both my boys so upset.
I figured that when I picked them up they both would have great days but when I got there. Preston was crying just as hard maybe even harder. Three seconds after I picked him up he started laughing and was his happy self again. Ethan was and seems to be another story. He was busy playing with his letters so he didn't want to leave. Then he wanted me to read a book to him. It was sad several of the pages were missing from the book. When we first started at that school the books that the kids played with in this class always looked new. There was a matching set of ABC books each letter had its own book and they were all there. Over the past year that group of books are all gone now torn up till the last page was gone that there a random group of books that don't match up. It is sad how much the little details that once were there are now gone.

The Curriculum Search Continues.
So I still haven't picked a curriculum yet. I've decided against the curriculum in a box love the concept just when I was really trying to pin down which one to order it seemed like they were all about crafts and light on lessons. Numbers went to ten some of them went to 25 but that was about it. They didn't go past just learning letters, colors, and shapes. I'm not that Ethan is gifted just he loves learning and when we introduced shapes he would sit there for hours with his shape puzzle until he knew all of the basic shapes. We were at lunch one day with my sister and brother-in-law. She is a speech pathologist so she always wants to hear the boys talk. We were showing off how well he knew his shapes and Josh wanted to throw Ethan off and drew a trapezoid. Ethan knew what it was. That was a long story to get to my point that I think that Ethan would be bored with the out of a box curriculum. So I'm thinking that I might look at some kindergarten curriculum but then I was reading about other parents experiences where their child were over prepared for kindergarten and they had a miserable time that year. I'm really even more confused about what I should do. I think that going to the book store and reading threw some of the curricula that will help me out a lot.