Staying home -- Day 1

Did I make a BIG mistake???

Lesson that I learned today the Master Plan needs to be extremely flexible. On Friday what I thought would happen today was completely different then reality.

In the master plan I was going to wake up in my own bed at 6:30. What really happened I woke up in Rockwall at my parents house at 7:00. I needed to leave by 7:30 because on Saturday when I left I accidentally took my husband's car keys. So he couldn't leave this morning till after I got home. I got my boys up Ethan wanted oatmeal this morning for breakfast. After it was fixed he decided that he didn't want it (I made it to soupy for him) So he ended up eating a breakfast bar and I took the oatmeal but Preston was kept trying to get out of his high chair. I went ahead and cleaned him up from his breakfast. I sat back down  then Ethan finished his food. So I went to get him cleaned up. Preston reached up and pulled the oatmeal on his head. I was able to catch the bowl but about half of it spilled out. I started cleaning it up then I noticed that Ethan disappeared. Turns out that he went and found my mother in the shower and told her what was going on in the kitchen. While I was tracking him down Preston decided that was the prefect time to make a load in his diaper and Ethan had the same thought for is too. So I changed Preston. Then it was Ethan's turn. While I was busy with Ethan, Preston decided that he needed to take the pictures down from my parent's walls. So after I washed my hands and chased Preston down he went into the play yard so that I finish cleaning the kitchen without anymore Preston disasters. Needless to say I didn't get out of my parent's house at 7:30. We got on the road a little after 8:00. While I was on the road I got Ethan a 11:20 doctor's appointment. It took about 45 minutes to get home. Pretty much decided that I wouldn't get anything down with both boys at home. Josh helped me get both boys in the van and I would take Preston to the daycare so I could try to get a couple of things marked off my list for the week. By the time I got Preston in his room and Ethan loaded back in the van there was about an hour before Ethan's appointment. So I decided that I would check out the back to school specials that Wal-Mart is running this week. They have some really great deals going on right now but let me just point out that the markers that are on sale for a dollar are NOT washable!!! Ethan and I finished up then headed to Target to kill a little more time. Then off to Dr. D's office. While Ethan was getting checked out the daycare called and sent Preston home.  Yaay. Dr.D said that Ethan has a viral infection that it is just that time of year and there isn't really anything they can do. *sigh* Just a quick up date about how Ethan is doing we still haven't broken his fever yet. It climbed up to 102.5 at one point today. It looks like Preston is getting it too.
Went and pick Preston up, drove back to Rockwall to celebrate my cousin's birthday. I took some of the new crayons and markers in to the restaurant so Ethan could color while we were waiting. At one point he was coloring with the markers and it got on my shirt and arm. Did I mention that they aren't washable markers? We got back to my parent's house and put a movie on for Ethan and put Preston down for a nap. After about 30 minutes Preston woke up screaming like Ethan did Saturday night. At least I've already been down that road and we got Tylenol into Preston right away but it did take sometime before it started working. By 5:00 everyone had left except for me and the boys. I brought out two foam swords that I found at Target for a dollar each. Ethan thinks they are bats so he was playing baseball with them. It was the funniest thing to see especially when he actually hit the ball. I was just sitting there going I can't believe that his fever is over 102 and he is acting like he isn't sick at all.

When I finally got home Josh was wonderful, he cooked dinner for everyone while I took a much needed shower.

You know even if I was still working today would have been the same because I would have had to call in today because of Ethan still running a fever and Preston still would have been sent home.

My grandmother and the birthday girl Lois
Yes my temp is over 102
Tomorrow both boys are going to have to stay home again because they both have fevers right now.