Monday, July 19, 2010

There is hope..

One reason that we had the boys so close together is because we wanted the boys to hopefully be good friends. Today Ethan was saying he loved different members of his family like his dad and mom. He didn't say anything about Preston. So I asked him if he love Preston and he said the that baby Preston was his best friend.

Changed the playroom
I have say thank you to Melody for the train. The boys absolutely love it.

The Count Down is on....
I can't believe that this is my last week working. For more days left till I'm no longer employed and nine days till the kids are out of daycare.

The boys are at it again
So we got home and I put some frozen pizzas in the oven. The Ethan just wanted to watch his Leap Frog videos and the Word World videos. Preston had other ideas. He kept trying to take the DVD's out of the player. So I took him to the play room and he decided to start wearing the basket ball hoop. He saw his brother do it why not him. Ethan wasn't happy that Preston had his "astronaut" outfit on so he took it back. Preston the decided that he wanted to terrorize the kitchen. After the pizzas finished in the oven I put them on a cookie sheet and set them on stove. Ethan took a chair and decided that he needed to help with dinner. The other day I had bought a kids pizza set made by Curious Chef. I have to say when I was in the store I thought it looked cute and that Ethan would like to pretend to cook with the items. When I got it home and was looking at it, I realized that they weren't pretend cooking utensils but real ones that kids can't hurt themselves with. The cutlery is made of plastic and aren't sharp but really do work. So Ethan got to cut the pizza last night and he was in heaven about it. Dinner time has been a fight with him lately but last night he was actually the last one at the table and Josh kept telling him that he could get up but Ethan wasn't done eating what he made.