This was it!

Today was my last day at work. I shed a lot of tears because I'm really going to miss the people at Carter. The boys and I are going to visit two weeks. My best friend is graduating the Phelb training. So I'm going to take the boys to see the graduation. I left work before five o'clock today. Another really close friend's wedding dress came in for real this time. So I went to see her try it on. She looked amazing!!!! Mark is a lucky man. There was a little rain where I live, according the the thermostat on the van said it was 90 degrees. Which seems to be a huge cold front around here. So I took the boys to the playground in our subdivision. There was another mom with two boys ages 2 1/2 & 3 1/2. It turns out she is a stay at home mom too. I'm excited that there is at least someone else close by that is at home too. Josh called and had dinner waiting for us. Thank you Little Casers $5.00 pizzas. It was weird being done with dinner at 6:30. We all went outside and played in the yard for about an hour. Someone at work told me to help make sure whatever was in the shed not to come back to open the shed up. Josh did that while we were out there. When he opened the door nothing was in there so we've left the doors opened. My to do list for next week keeps growing. To Do: Oil change on vehicles clean the shed with bleach water & vinger put bug killer on the grass put fertilizer down orgainze the guest room unpack the office unpack/organize our bedroom finish the pantry unpack the boxes in the garage get a cirriculum plan activities for a week clean out flower beds get bills orginized / budget