Wacky Wednesday

Lesson learned: Don't leave the front door open when you are bring the groceries in. 

The boys woke up feeling great. So I sent them to daycare so that I could get stuff done around the house. On the way home I stopped and got groceries. When I got home I propped the front door open to make it easier to carry the groceries in. I see a couple of small dogs running from house to house. I check the tags to see if they have an address. All they had was the dog's name and a phone number. So I stood up to come inside to grab my phone. The dogs noticed the door was opened and decided to run in. So now I'm chasing two dogs around the house trying to get them out. Man I though trying to corral two boys was hard at least the boys are easier to grab and hold onto. If you have tried to hold Preston you know that isn't an easy feat. I was able to get the dogs back out and call thier owners. Who were very happy to get thier dogs back. The whole time I was thinkin I'm so glad that the boys weren't here for a couple of reasons. I don't know how after I'm done grocery shopping to get the boys and the food inside. Second, could you imagine how much crazier it would have been if the boys would have been here while the dogs were running around.

I complete forgot about swimming lessons today. How is is Wednesday already??? I haven't gotten anything on my list accomplished yet.

Ethan didn't want to go to lessons then once we got there he didn't want to leave. Preston didn't want to share the colors and was making the other kids mad. We did get the boys signed up for the fall classes we are moving to the Frisco location and their classes are going to be at the same time. The classes are late enought that Josh will be able to help out after class is over.

There was other wackiness that I'm completely blanking on right now.