Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Fun??

Josh is working on his side project still and this is the last weekend. *hopefully* So that the boys and I wouldn't be a distraction, we went to my parent's house for the weekend. Saturday we stayed in the pool most of the day. Pictures will come later. In the evening Pattie, Sam, and Wendy stopped by. The boys loved playing with them. Actually I think we all had a great time.

Then at midnight Ethan woke up screaming. My parents and I tried to calm him down for thirty minutes but he continued to have a blood curtling scream the enitre time. He started shaking and vomiting. So my mom and I took him to the ER. When we first got there the nurse took his temp and it was over 100. The doctor didn't even touch him and decided that he just had some gas or a virus and there wasn't anything that she could really do. So they released us.

Sunday my dad had to go to a convention and work a booth. The rest of us just laid around and watched TV. We seemed both phyically and emotionally wiped. The lowest Ethan's temp ever seemed to get was 99.9. So I'm going to try to get him into his normal doctor first thing in the morning.