Weekend time

Can I mention what a wonderful husband I have? He got up at 7:00 this morning with the kids to let me sleep in. Even  though he was the one up late working on a project.
Today I feel like I drove all around the world. I had to be in Denton at 10:00, Josh is working on a side project and couldn't watch both boys so I drug Preston along. The reason that I went to Denton was because my friend was suppose to try on her wedding dress for the first time. It turns out the dress shop was sent the wrong dress. Preston was so well behaved at the dress shop. He loved seeing the women in trying on the wedding dresses. Someone would come out and he would just stand their looking at them.
   So after the dress drama the bride to be decided that she needed a drink. So I went back to Frisco to pick up Josh and Ethan and we meet everyone down in Richardson. The boys were okay at lunch, neither boys were interested in eating  except some rice. I let Ethan play with my phone so Preston had to play with Josh's.
Then we were off to the Galleria to pick up a package for my mom. The boys all stayed in the van while I ran in. Josh dropped me off at a door but he couldn't get back to the door he dropped me off at so it was interesting trying to find him again. The boys fell asleep in the van. Once we got home Preston said asleep but Ethan woke up. We made him lay down till 3:30 when it was time to get ready to go to my in-laws going away party in Fort Worth, they are moving to Arizona on Monday. Did I mention that Josh is working on a side project? So he wasn't able to go. It was the first dinner out with the boys not knowing if anyone would help me or not. The boys did really well. Ethan finally fell asleep on the way to dinner. So when we first got there Ethan was a little cranky but once he got settled in he was fine. There was one melt down by both the boys and Cherie come over to help. I had let Preston have my cell phone and Ethan decided that he needed. So the cell phone had to go away. During dinner the boys were fine. Then after dinner the boys wanted to run around and Cherie and Isaac were to the rescue.