Friday, August 6, 2010

Busy crazy day!

Lesson learned: Random facts are good to know!

I knew we have a lot packed into day and things were going to be crazy but I didn't realize how crazy they were going to be.

We started the day off by eating breakfast in the car. Ethan hasn't been eating more then one waffle in the morning so that is all I fixed today. Of course since we were on the way to drop Josh off at work he decided that he needed more. So after we drop Josh off, I got the boys some more food at McDonald's. We then drove to my parents house because I was taking my mom to the airport so she can visit my sister. My boys were "wild fires" They were just ever where and into everything. I took my mom on some errands then we returned to her house. The boys were trying to drag a bunch of toys out and Preston kept trying to get comfy to fall asleep. So it was decided to go have lunch near the airport. My dad meet us at Cheddar's and we had a nice lunch. Then we loaded up and my mom decided that she wanted to ride with my dad to the airport. After my mom got out of the van, Ethan had a complete meltdown. When we got to the airport she said bye to the boys and Ethan got a little better. He wanted her to stay so she could go to the Wiggly concert tonight. My mom wanted us to park and going in after she checked her luggage but I decided that it was time to go ahead and go to Carter BloodCare and visit some of my old coworkers and see my friend Sheri graduate!

It was really great seeing everyone again. It seems like it was just yesterday that I worked there. Oh wait it was actually only two weeks ago! My how the time has flown. The boys and I will defiantly have to stop by again. The graduation was great but we actually stayed a little to long. So I was  running late to the concert. Of course it didn't help that I forgot to grab the tickets this morning.

The boys and I stopped on the way and picked Korri up. Then we went to the house to grab the tickets and the tree next door was split in two and half of it was on the ground. I ran in and saw that toys were blown over in the back yard. I guess quite a storm came through. Then we picked Josh up and rushed to the concert and on the way found the storm that had it the house already. I could barely see but we made it and some how parked in the VIP parking, oops. At least we were right by the door and we didn't have any umbrellas. We got in and to our seats with just a few minutes to spare. The concert was a ton of fun. The boys were dancing and jumping. I was afraid that they were going to sing mostly songs from their latest DVD. So I ran out and picked up Hot Poppin' Popcorn just in case. I was wrong they only sang one song from the DVD. Oh well the boys love watching it anyways. They sang mostly their popular songs. Most of the time I was so busy watching the boys have a great  that I missed what was going on during the show. When we were walking out I was a little nervous  that the van was going to be towed but it wasn't.