Can I just stay in bed?

Lesson learned: When you have a $50 gift card that means to stay on budget you should only spend $50.

I woke up this morning exhausted from yesterday. Josh was busy working so I still had to take care of the kids. I did sneak away for a few minutes to post some pictures of the concert this morning. When everyone first got up the boys just wanted to watch Wiggle videos and run around. After I put Preston down for his morning nap I left to get a birthday present for the party that we are going to later. I had just found a gift card for $50 while I've been unpacking so I figured I would pick up a couple of toys for the boys. First I picked out another Wiggles video because we only had two and I was already getting sick of them. Then I found WEEBLES!! I'm so excited. I've been looking for Weebles since I've had Ethan and this is the second time that I've found them. The first time was I came across some Christmas Weebles.

 Preston was still asleep when I got home. Ethan helped me put the tree house together. That is all he wanted to play with the rest of the day. After Preston woke up they started fighting over the Weebles so I guess they seem to like it.

The longer the day wore on the worst I felt. So I ended up not taking the boys to the birthday party. So I guess I will give the birthday girl her presents on Wednesday when we see her.

Just before dinner I've lost my voice. Josh is happy about it.

So apparently I was completely wrong about being able to potty train Ethan in a week. He still had a few accidents this morning but did really well after he woke up from his nap. Now he is acting like a baby in other ways like wanting me to feed him and doing baby talk. It also seems like he is getting more jealous of Preston the more time they spend together. So I think I need to get the boys into some of their own activities and figure out how to give them more one on one time.