Farm animals are over!!

Lesson learned: My boys are really well behaved when there are a million people around.

This morning Josh left for work and we just ran for about thirty minutes. Then it was circle time. I'm glad that I'm not going to have to get he boys to make animal noises at me anymore. Then I let the boys run around some more. After Preston went down for his morning nap I introduced Ethan to H.R. Pufinstuf. Once Preston woke up it was adventure time. There is a McDonald that is opening up and they are having several days of activities. Today they had a petting zoo and pony rides. I again recruited Korri to help me with the boys. Walking in it looked like it was complete chaos. Once we were inside it was very organized chaos. There were employees help you find tables and high chairs if needed. There were some that were help carrying food. They were able to keep the lines moving at an incredible pace. We order our food and they found a booth for us but asked if we would be willing to share if need be. We didn't have a problem sharing the booth because it was huge. The boys sat and ate no whining or fussing. When we were about finished we were asked to share with four girls and their nanny. Two of the girls were freaking out like several of the kids that were there. Ethan and Preston just looked at the girls like they had two heads for being upset. Then of course we had to check out the playground. The play area looked really neat but it was kind of hard to tell because of how many people were in there. After awhile we headed out to check out the animals. The petting zoo part was really lame. The pony ride had Ethan all smiles. I told the boys that if they behaved they could get cookies after wards. So I made good on my promise when we got home. Preston's face was completely covered in chocolate.
I put Ethan down for a nap which he wasn't happy about be was so tired that he didn't put up that much of a fight. Then it was Preston's turn to nap. Korri and I visited until it was time for the boys to woke up. After nap time the boys make cow puppets. Preston was more interested in eating the crayons. At one point Ethan started talking about the talking flute and wanted to see Punfinstuf. I was more than happy to play it for him.

I read the city's newspaper today they featured a trail that runs near our home so after dinner we checked it out. It is a really nice trail that led to a park. We let the boys run around for a little bit. Then headed back home. Ethan didn't want to get back in the stroller but wanted to run back kicking his ball. We made him get back in the stroller when we crossed any roads. Ethan walked/ run probably 3/4 of a mile. Then once we got closer to home we let Preston out to run around a little bit too. So once we got home the boys went out pretty quick. Ethan did freak out a little bit about being scared. I realized that he as been freaking out because his monster scaring flash light has been missing. Actually Josh and I used the flashlight the night that we jumped the car and left it in the garage. So I gave him the flashlight back and he was very thankful. He told me thank you and I'm not scared anymore. I really hope that our night time freak outs and needing every light in the house on is over and that I can get my bedside reading lamp back.