It is library day!! Oh wait it is closed today.

Lesson learned: Tractors are the best things in the world.

So this morning our 6:00 Preston alarm started going off. I've been trying to find the snooze button, but after fifteen months of looking for it I've pretty much given up finding it. Josh left for work and we went out to play. We played with bubbles for about thirty minutes. Then we came in for circle time. I'm getting a lot more comfortable doing the songs and the lessons. So the boys are responding a lot better. Then I remember that this week the library is closed. *sigh* In the paper this week under the things to do section there was a farm having a afternoon at the farm from noon to 2:00. The best part it was FREE! It also worked with our learning theme this week. Korri was up for it so we headed out. On the way we stopped for some lunch.

Money saving tip: A lot of fast food places have $1.00 chicken sandwiches. So I order the chicken sandwich plan instead of a kids meal and just tear it in pieces like I do with the nuggets anyways.

After about a hundred U-turns we finally found the place and a parking spot. We had a ton of fun even though it was incredible hot. The first thing we did was a tractor ride. Poor Preston was so scared. He was shaking like a leaf before we got on. He was fine once we go on and were going. The driver stopped about half way through the ride to tell us about the different things planted in the garden and some other upcoming events. It was Ethan turn to freak out a little bit and wanted off but once it started moving again, he was fine. Once the ride was over Ethan couldn't get enough of the tracker that were at the farm. We were able to get him to check out the chickens and the lamb. When he was in with the chickens he was making clucking noises at them. It was really adorable. Then he checked out the lamb. He wasn't that interested in the lamb but wanted to go back to the tractors. Preston on the other hand loved the lamb and just riding around in the stroller. It is experiences like today that I know it was the best decision for me to stay home. I can't thank Korri enough for going with me and the boys today.

I really thought that the boys would fall asleep on the way home. I was wrong, they were just to hyper. Once we got home they were just all over the place.  The time from 3:00 to 5:30 just seemed to drag on. They just kept trying to injure themselves. First, I was with Ethan in the restroom but I could still see Preston. Preston tripped and fell hitting his check on the hard part of the ottoman. While I was taking care of Preston, Ethan climbed up on the rocking chair and about feel off injuring his thumb. While I was trying to take care of Ethan, Preston fell over again. They were just running around everywhere and trying to get into everything. I guess they were afraid to stop moving because they would just fall asleep.

The last couple of nights Ethan has really been freaking out about the dark. He is wanting every light in the house on before he will go to bed. Once he sees the are on then he will lay down but I don't know where this is coming from. He has always not liked the dark but now it is at another level. Ever since the neighbor let us know about the car being in the middle of the road. So I don't know if the pounding on the door freaked him out and that is why or if there is something more to it.

Potty training: At some points today he did really well, at other times well lets just say I had several puddles to clean today.

Mom what are you about to have me do? I'm no so sure about this!

Round a round the couch we go till pop goes the Preston.

Preston's nickname is destruct-O-baby. Ethan went through this phase too. So at this point I don't know if it is just an every kid thing, a boy thing, or just a my kid thing. Anyways it seems like at this age they have super human strength and can destroy anything in just a matter of seconds. Today to keep Preston from killing himself I put him in the play yard for a few minutes. Apparently he took his frustration out on this poor defenseless ball.