Its Monday!!

I didn't prepare a lesson plan for today for a couple of reasons. We were going to learn about bees this week because the farm that we went to a couple of weeks ago is having a bee thing this weekend. The new curriculum actually starts on Wednesday so I was so busy reading and getting familiar with the new material. When I looked at the bee stuff I really didn't like the lessons because  they didn't really have anything to do with bees. I also didn't want to print of 26 bees to put the alphabet on them. To be used for one day. We have several alphabet flash cards already. I was still tried from the weekend. I tried to get the boys to play outside as much as possible today since the weather was cloudy but nice. It also gave  me a chance to pull weeds, the trash comes tomorrow and my flower bed trash bag was almost full. Once thing that I love about the Frisco trash is that you get one container for trash and the same size container for recycling. Then if you have lawn clippings or any plant stuff that you are throwing out you can get these lawn bags that are basically huge doubled paper bags. That they pick up at the same time but don't have to be in the containers. Last week we didn't get our recycling bin out before the truck came. So this week our recycling is completely full.