Monday, August 2, 2010

It's the weekend!

Lesson learned: How precious family time is.

It was so nice that wen we got up Saturday that all of the household chores were done. So everyone just got to play had have some really good quality family time. We were jumping, running in circles, building castles, and just have a great time. Unfortunately the train's battery died so it had to charge and that is what the boys wanted to play with the most.

Preston woke up with a fever, after a little medicine he was up running around like a crazy boy. I think he is getting a tooth.

I'm not sure I'm ready for Monday. I've been trying to work on a schedule framework that will work during the week. It seems like we have meal times and nap times down. It is just the educational stuff and play time that I'm struggling with. I still need to get the boys signed up for different lessons. That is going to help shape our weekly schedule too.

I do know that on Friday I'm taking the boys up to where I used to work to see Sheri graduate and to visit everyone. Also on Friday is the Wiggles. Then I'm not sure what we are doing on Saturday yet. Ethan has been invited to a birthday party  but it is also Josh's grandparent's wedding anniversary.