The last day!!

Lesson learned: Being a stay at home mom is the best weight loss plan ever.

Today is the last day the boys are going to daycare. I think I'm ready for this. Then my mom point out I should be past the point of thinking about it. I'm really excitedly nervous about spending so much time with the kids.

I've only sat down for 30 minutes to check emails and to type this. Doing laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, and unpacking. I know that once the kids are here it is even going to be more physical. Maybe, I'll actually get into my pre-Ethan clothes.

Picking up the boys from daycare was harder then I thought it would be. One of Ethan's favorite teachers who had left several months ago was up there visiting. So it was great that Ethan got to say by to him. The boys got a ton of hugs and kisses. Some of the teachers have been a part of Ethan's life since he was just six weeks old. There were times that I felt like the daycare was doing a better job with Ethan then I could on my own. Just because i had no clue. Like introducing food, when to start working on colors, shapes, whatever. I've learned a lot over the last few years and have a lot more confidence but I defiantly don't have all the answers yet.