Last swim lesson of the session

Lesson learned: I miss driving Josh to work.

So last night about 10:30 we finally go the car that Josh uses to get back and forth to work jumped. So I drove it around for about thirty minutes. I came home to ask Josh a question but was planing on driving a little longer just to make sure the battery was charged. Josh said that he thought the battery was good enough and that I should go ahead and come in. Then at some point Preston work up and it took me a while to figure out that he was just thirsty. I eventually go him a drink and he went down. Right when I was just about to drift off someone started knocking on the door. I believe the time was one something at this point. So I woke Josh up and made him go down and answer it because whoever was knocking wasn't giving up. Turns out I forgot to set the parking brake and our drive way is on a little hill and the car is a standard. So it was sitting in the middle of the street. Luckily the neighbor let us know before some one hit it.

This morning I was a little tired. One of the activities that we do in the morning circle is Today's weather. So I noticed it looked cloudy, so I open the back door just to make sure that is what the weather really was. Both boys ran out. They were only in their underwear but having a great time so I just rolled with it. It was cloudy and comfortable out. They ran around for about an hour. Ethan just wanted to watch TV as a reward for doing so well on the potty this morning. Didn't care about doing the morning circle. So I let it go today. Preston went down for his normal nap. Yaay they are back on their scheduled nap times. Ethan and I picked up the living room. Then played with play-doh after about 30 minutes he was over the play-doh! I was shocked. He wanted to play Elefun. It is a game his Aunt Monkey got him addicted to. It is an elephant the blows butterflies that you catch in nets. Ethan was so  excited when Preston woke up because he wanted Preston to play too. Nothing to exciting happened before we left for swimming. The boys just had a HUGE snack time before swimming.

It was really hard saying bye to the other moms since some of us have been meeting up once a week for a year now. The two other families are going to continue taking classes together and we are moving on.